The Great Migration AMA: Guide to PRV Presale and Swapping

Another great week for an update! Here‘s what happened on the great migration AMA: guide to PRV presale and swapping. 

Since there is a delay in our great migration to provide better and more secured smart contracts, we also updated our roadmap. Here are the changes.  

Old farms will stop on November 7th instead of October 31st. The first phase of swapping (from PRV to (pre) tokens) will now happen from November 8th to November 12th. For the non-PRV holders, you can participate in the 48-hour presale of (pre)tokens from November 13th to 14th. 

Moreover, the second phase of swapping (from (pre)tokens to actual tokens) will happen from November 15th to 18th. Lastly, the new farm will go live on November 18th.

PRV to (pre)Tokens Swapping Guide

You can swap your PRVs to (pre) PRVG and (pre) PRV2 by following these four easy steps; 

Step 1:  Go to “Swapping Sub Page” on (actual link to be provided closer to swapping date) 

Step 2: Connect your Metamask wallet.

Step 3: On the swapping page, see all your PRVs and click “MAX,” then click “SWAP NOW.”

Step 4: Lastly, wait for the confirmation, and that’s it! You are now a holder of (pre) PRV2 and (pre) PRVG tokens! 

Reference from the screenshot below for the tokenomics. 

Note: Some numbers on the tokenomics changed


We completely removed the transfer taxes. We only have an 8% sales tax for PRV2. Note that sales tax is only applicable when selling PRV2—no taxes will be applied when buying, adding, or removing liquidity, harvesting, transfers. PRVG sees no taxes.

For deposit fees, only non-native farms have a deposit tax of 2.97%, while the native farms do not have any deposit taxes. 

Furthermore, we again laid down the things you need to look out for on the presale. 

ICYMI: What is NFT, and how can YOU earn from it? 

(pre)PRVG and (pre) PRV2 to PRVG and PRV2 swapping guide. 

The swapping process for this phase is as easy as the first phase. You also need to follow four steps to swap your (pre) tokens to the actual tokens. 

Step 1: Navigate to the “Swapping Sub Page” section of (again, we will provide actual link soon)

Step 2: Connect your Metamask wallet.

Step 3: On the swapping screen, select all of your  (pre) PRV2 and (pre) PRVG and click “MAX,” followed by “SWAP NOW.”

Step 4: Finally, wait for the confirmation, and that’s it! You now have PRV2 and PRVG tokens in your possession!

Questions from the community

As for what the AMA is for, we again gathered valuable questions from our PRVArmies. Here are the most notable ones.

Q: During the migration process, there is a 5-day period to do the transition. I understand the quantity is pegged already. Does the PRV2 and PRVG price start moving the moment swapping is open? Only the native farms will be operational period when swap goes live? 

A:… within this Friday, the price of  PRVG and PRV2 could go higher and cheaper…(however)  PRVG and PRV2 price doesn’t fluctuate at all. The price is fixed throughout the circulation. The only time the price will stop fluctuating is in the second swapping phase. 

Q: Currently, there is an existing referral system – that is 10% on staking and 10% on harvest for 1 tier only. Then, during the last AMA, the new referral system of 8%, 3%, and 1% for three levels, respectively. So we need to clarify and confirm if the current referral system still applies when the new referral system is operational upon the launch of PRV2?

A: the old system will be obsolete, and we will be moving toward the new referral system of  8(%), 3(%), 1(%). 

As usual, after answering all the handpicked questions, we proceeded by answering questions asked on the event itself as part of our Q&A portion

All in all

Despite the hustle-and-bustle, we finished another successful AMA. As the great migration approaches, we promise to give you more updates as soon as we have them. Nevertheless, we will be working hand in hand to continuously improve the platform to offer you the best DeFi platform available. 

Got questions? Let us know. 

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