PRViously on Crypto: Hacker returns 865 ETH from MISO launch, BTC and ETH to rally

Hacker returns 865 ETH from MISO launch
Another Week, Another exciting news!

Hacker returns 865 ETH from MISO launch, BTC and ETH to rally, heading to $100,000 USD and $10,000 USD respectively

Another week, another news for PrivacySwap to cover just for you! As we countdown for the much anticipated The Great Migration, a week worth of exciting news happened and we are up for the challenge of keeping you updated!

PRViously on Crypto, Hacker returns 865 $ETH from $MISO launch, $BTC and $ETH to rally, heading to $100,000 USD and $10,000 USD respectively

So before we go through our usual Hacking the Vault and PRV HODLing, we gotchu on top of our list in keeping you up to date with the latest news!

$100,000 USD not impossible?

While it is a fact that Bitcoin $BTC has been struggling below the $50K level, experts are confident that it could reach $100,000 USD in the coming months.

As predicted by the British bank Standard Chartered’s cryptocurrency research team, BTC could rally to the target price really soon and such move would also trigger further surges in Ether.

According to Varuni Trivedi, a full-time journalist in AMBCrypto, by the end of the year, $BTC to $100,000 USD is the much anticipated move in the market.

As we enter the last quarter of the year, $BTC is expected to break and push forward the psychological barrier.

However, according to Trivedi, before hitting the sweet $100,000 USD mark, it will first make a stop to $85k which will confirm an upward move towards the much anticipated goal.

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$ETH en route to $10,000 and even above!

According to a YouTube influencer and Cryptocurrency trader Lark Davis, Ethereum is on its way to a five-figure price and is poised for a 190% rally.

Why the sudden jump to $10,000? Davis says that this could be due to the lacking supply on exchanges, and as we know, when there is minimal supply and there’s a great demand, the prices will surely soar.

Further, according to Davis, the supply in platforms or exchanges is in a strong downtrend, which could be attributed to the use of $ETH to buy NFTs of non-fungible tokens or through locking $ETH in decentralized finance (DeFI) protocols. 

According to a tweet by IntoTheBlock, a blockchain intelligence platform, the amount exiting platforms has recently reached an all-time high record, to quote:

“The net amount of Ethereum leaving exchanges just hit a new record. Over $1.2 billion worth of Ethereum left centralized exchanges yesterday. That is a mind-blowing number.”

Hacker returns 865 ETH from MISO launch

On twitter, based on a tweet by Joseph Delong, he informed that SushiSwap’s protocol token $MISO became the victim of a supply chain attack. As estimated, the hacker was able to bag $3 million worth of ETH.

It was discovered that an anonymous contractor, GitHub, was able to put malicious code into the front end. With this, they were able to exploit an NFT auction, automobile-focused Jay Pegs Auto Mart, but all issues had already been patched.

However, all that had happened were put to silence as Delong warns that if the funds were not returned at a given time, the team will file an IC3 complaint with the FBI.

And voila! All 865 $ETH were returned to the original token contract after being exposed by Sushi’s founder. Well, all’s well that ends well!

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And that’s a wrap on this week’s PRViously on Crypto! We cannot wait to see how $BTC and $ETH will perform for the coming months, but one thing is for sure, when we get there, it’ll surely be awesome!

While we are caught up with the recent happenings in the cryptoverse, we still can’t get over the fact thata PRV 2.0 is getting near!

So do make sure to bear with us as we keep you up to date with the latest and hottest announcements! 

Say it with us! Just keep on HODLing! Catch us up for next week!