PrivacySwap’s The Great Migration AMA: Swapping Phase 2 and Farms are live!

This week marks another successful AMA for PrivacySwap. Here’s a text recap on what happened on PrivacySwap’s The Great Migration AMA: Swapping Phase 2 and Farms are live!

PrivacySwap AMA

Firstly, we would like to thank everybody for participating in our presale. We successfully sold all the allocated (pre)PRVG and (pre)PRV2 within 5 minutes!  In addition, we also had our NFT sale last November 14th, 2021. At the moment of writing, there are still limited NFTs available for purchase. So, grab one now to enjoy its everlasting benefits.

Genesis NFT

Speaking of NFT, we lowered each NFT’s prices. Apart from what we initially announced, Silver-tiered NFT will now only cost 0.18 BNB instead of 0.25.  We also lowered Gold-tiered NFT’s price to 0.38 BNB. Lastly, instead of its initial price of 1 BNB, you can now buy a Diamond-tiered NFT for only 0.8 BNB. 

Furthermore, staking these NFTs will give you the same (from the initial announcement) rewards. Staking a Silver-tiered NFT can give you an extra 10% APR.  20% additional APR is guaranteed once you stake a Gold-tiered NFT. Moreover, you will receive an extra 50% APR once you stake Diamond-tiered NFT. 

In addition, holding one of these Genesis NFTs can give you multiple benefits.  You can be a part of our exclusive airdrops. Also, you can enjoy early access to a new feature, be part of our whitelist, and more. 

“Take note that this Genesis NFTs, we planned it in a way whereby In the future, for every new layer that comes up, you will still be able to use these same NFTs to boost the APRs of any native pools and farms applicable.”- PrivacySwap

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Here are some exciting features about our limited Genesis NFTs

What’s next on our Roadmap

The second phase of swapping (from (pre)PRV2 and (pre)PRVG to PRVG and PRV2) will start tomorrow (November 17th,2021). Then, the farms will go live on November 18th, 2021.  

Moving forward, we will finally be having our official beta-launch of the PrivacyCard and more to come.

Second Swapping phase guide

As mentioned, the second swapping phase will happen on November 17th, 2021, 0045HRS GMT +8. For the swapping process, follow the step-by-step-tutorial below:

Step 1: Navigate to the “Swapping Sub Page” section of (we will provide the actual link soon)

Step 2: Connect your Metamask wallet.

Step 3: On the swapping screen, select all of your (pre) PRV2 and (pre) PRVG and click “MAX,” followed by “SWAP NOW.”

Step 4: Finally, wait for the confirmation, and that’s it! You now have PRV2 and PRVG tokens in your possession! 

Note: you can swap your (pre) tokens to actual tokens at a 1:1 ratio.

Giveaway winners announcement on AMA

Giveaway announcment on AMA
Congratulations to everyone who completed the requirements!

Questions from the community answered on AMA

There are still lots of questions asked by the community. Here are some of what we covered from the lase AMA. 

Q: When does the NFT Presale end?

“The window for it (for the NFT sale) will not be perpetual. It will eventually end. We are monitoring it closely. We will announce it to the community sooner.”

Q: What will happen to those people whole have not unstaked their PRV and swapped?  

“After the farms go live, there is nothing we can do with these people.  We had been announcing this to the community since (a few) months ago.”

How is the APY decided? Can we have early APY information before the farming launch to our strategy for maximizing yields? 

“We are unable to actually provide you with the allocation since it is not 100% formed out yet.  The allocation points for the native farms will be higher compared to the non-native (farms), but what exactly they are (numbers and percentages) right now. We don’t have it yet. We will be announcing it (as close as possible) the day before the launch.”


We also answered all the questions asked on the AMA. As we approach the final part of our “great migration,” we assure to update everyone on what is happening during the process. Nevertheless, the best thing to do now is to share PrivacySwap’s amazing feature with your friends and colleagues and wait for the second swapping phase and the new farms. 

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