PrivacySwap’s The Great Migration AMA: Swapping Phase 1

The great migration has started. Here’s what you missed at PrivacySwap’s The Great Migration AMA: Swapping Phase 1

Now that we officially started our great migration, we definitely want to inform you of what will happen every day. This week, we covered the swapping phase 1, and here’s how the AMA went. 

AMA Introduction: Where we are and where we are ahead

Since the Great Migration was pushed back, here are the updates on what will happen on our great migration. Old farms stopped on November 7th. Right now, we are on a 5-day swapping period as the first phase of swapping (from PRV to (pre) tokens) is scheduled from November 8th to November 12th.

 For the non-PRV holders, buy (pre)tokens on our 48-hour presale from November 13th to 14th. Then, everyone can swap their (pre) tokens from November 15th to 18th. Lastly, the new farms will go live on November 16th. 

Guide to Swapping: First phase

By following these four simple procedures, you can convert your PRVs to (pre) PRVG and (pre) PRV2.

Step 1: Navigate to the Swapping Page of 

Step 2: Connect your MetaMask wallet.

Step 3: On the swapping screen, choose all of your PRVs and click “MAX,” followed by “Approve contract.”

Step 4: Finally, click “Swap Now.” Wait for the confirmation, and you’re done! You now have (pre) PRV2 and (pre) PRVG tokens!

As for tokenomics, they remain the same. 


Question from the community. 

True to what AMA stands for, we gathered questions from the community and answered those on the seminar. Here are some of those questions we collated and their answers. 

Q: Are there any measures to prevent dumping during the PCS listing on 15th November?

A:” ..whatever happens after this thing is something that is beyond our control. We have (security) measures in place where you want to buy back or to support the price at a certain point. We allow the market to do what it is supposed to do and what they want to do. During PRV’s journey, we never experience issues about that (dumping a huge amount). We will, at a certain point, consider using some of the treasury funds to support the price at a certain interval or certain levels. 

We cannot stop anyone from selling. Always remember to sell in batches in smaller quantities to assure that there are more green candles. “ 

Q: Is PRVG pool for PRV2 and BUSD one pool, or two separate ones?

Q: Is PRVG pool for PRV2 and BUSD one pool, or two separate ones?

A: “One pool. PRVG will have two pools. Basically, one is going to be earning you PRV2 and BUSD, and the other one will give you PRG if you wish to stake in PRVG.”

Q: Will the liquidity pool for PRV2 and PRVG be the same link and work the same way?

A: “It will work the same way. We will be using 50-50 allocation per side of the LP. We will still be tapping on Pancakeswap  LP smart contracts, but the only difference is instead of PRV-BNB, we will be using PRV2-BNB and PRVG-BNB.”

Q: After the swap from PRV to PRVG & PRV2 token receipts, can we delete the PRV Token listing in our Metamask wallet?

A: “You can definitely delete the PRV once you swapped over. There will be no issue.”

Wrapping it up

The AMA ended with another set of Q&A.. All these questions were asked by the audience during the event itself. 

Nevertheless, the AMA ended successfully, and it answered most of the questions asked by the community member. We will continuously answer all your queries related to great migration on our telegram account.

In addition, we will continually update everyone about the latest things on our great migration.  For now, take the opportunity to swap your remaining PRVs to our (pre)token. If you are a non-PRV holder, you can buy such tokens on the presale, and while waiting, discover and explore PrivacySwap using the websites below. 

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