PrivacySwap Roadmap: Look how far we’ve come!

PrivacySwap Roadmap: Look how far we’ve come!

PrivacySwap roadmap

Since PrivacySwap began operations, it has been nothing short of a wild ride. Even then, we have just reached halfway to delivering the greatest DeFi platform available. For the time being, let’s focus on the progress we’ve made so far and our goals for the future.

Lots of things changed over the past few months. Therefore, providing you with this checklist would help you understand how much we’ve achieved during those months. The first part of our roadmap is (of course) launching the platform. After that, here are the milestones we have achieved since we started operating: 

  • Smart Contract audits
  • Listed on various Exchanges
    • CoinMarketCap
    • CoinGecko
    • DappRadar
    • BscScan
  • Ongoing press releases 
  • Youtube influencer partnerships

Aside from building credibility and audience, PrivacySwap also expands the platform and provides more features than just yield farming. Within four months, PrivacySwap already developed and launched the following features:

  • AMM Decentralized Exchange
  • Adding farms and pools (currently at 9 PrivacyFarms and 4 PrivacyPools) 
  • Yield Farming Aggregator
  • Yield Optimizer 
  • Referral System

Moreover, we extend our platform by providing exclusive features such as Hack the Vault, PrivacyCards, and more. 

Apart from these achievements, we still have more plans for the future, and everything is visible on our expanding roadmap.

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PrivacySwap Q4: what to expect from PrivacySwap Roadmap

Now that we have seen what PrivacySwap achieved over the last few months, it’s time to look forward and see what’s coming before we bid goodbye to 2021.


PrivacyCard finally started operating through the Early Access Program. Though it is not yet official, some users who participated in the early access program started to receive their PrivacyCards, and some started to use them.

Actual Photos of PrivacyCards shared by PRVarmies

PrivacySwap will officially launch PrivacyCard shortly. For the time being, follow PrivacySwap to know all the essential updates. 

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PrivacySwap will soon release two new tokens, PRVG and PRV2. To sum up, these two new tokens guarantee a higher APR and a better farming experience. 

Furthermore, for more information regarding PRVG, PRV2, and PrivacyCard, you can also read Crypto-accepting debit cards: Are they worth it?  7th DeFi class recap. It is also available on our Youtube Channel if you prefer watching videos. 

In a nutshell, 

The PrivacySwap roadmap is not showing any signs of slowing down, and it continuously expands over time. Along with these features, we also have ongoing monthly webinars, AMA sessions, and informative articles published every day to help you gain more knowledge about DeFi. We aim to continually provide a DeFi platform that is not just engaging but is also educational. 

Join us as we make DeFi a safer and better place for investors. 

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