PrivacySwap AMA on PRV 2.0’s Newly Upgraded Farms and Pools: Recap

Cheers to another successful AMA for PrivacySwap! Here’s what happened on our PrivacySwap AMA on PRV 2.0’s Newly Upgraded Farms and Pools.


As usual, we laid down what happened over the past few days. We successfully finished our first phase of swapping. The BUSD presale was also a huge success; it was sold out within 5 minutes. At the moment, our NFT sale, along with the second phase of swapping, is still ongoing.  Lastly, our native farms that could bring up to 70,000% APR are now live. 

We also recalled the genesis NFT for those who were listening for the first time.  Genesis NFT is limited to 1500 NFTs only. Since there will be three variations (Silver, Gold, and Diamond), meaning there are only 500 NFTs per tier.  To own these NFTs, you need to purchase this at After that, you must connect your Metamask and mint the NFT you want to own. These genesis NFTs co; weme at different prices. Privacy Silver NFTs cost 0.18 BNB each. 0.38 BNB will be the price for each Privacy Gold NFTs. Lastly, Privacy Diamond will cost 0.8 BNB. 

By buying NFT, you will own one of these exclusive collection images. At the same time, you can stake these NFTs into any of our native farms and pools. This will further boost the APR percentage you get off the harvest of your rewards. You’ll be getting extra APR rewards ranging from 10%, 20%, to 50%, respectively. 

In addition, you will also be part of our whitelisting. You can also enjoy exclusive airdrops, early access to new features, and more. 

For adding LP via our special liquid converter, follow the screenshot with the steps below: 

Aside from the fantastic news and achievements,  we are also more than thrilled to announce that we are finally launching our  PrivacyCard.  We will also launch our DEX right before Christmas. Consider it as a Christmas gift, we will give rewards to our loyal PRVArmy that will migrate their tokens to the DEX.

“Keep the faith! Stay and be rewarded. For our loyal #PRVArmy that has been holding and are continuing to hold our tokens, you can be sure that PrivacySwap will migrate your tokens over to DEX. You will be rewarded.”- PrivacySwap. 

Our marketing and collaboration are still ongoing. So, watch out for all the videos, articles, and future AMA we will be having. In accordance with that, we are also finalizing everything so we RugDoc can finally approve our KYC request. 

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AMA: Questions from the Community.

We still receive multiple questions from the community and here are some of those questions that we answered on our latest AMA. 

Does it matter if my liquidity LP token is BNB-PRV to farm on PRVG-BNB?

L: Okay. Yeah, so there’s no difference. If it’s BNB-PRVG or PRVG-BNB, there isn’t any difference at all, it’s just a naming convention, but they are essentially the same thing. So no, it doesn’t matter at all.

 Is high APR bigger than depreciation? Until PRV3? 

L: High APR bigger and depreciation? What sense? Depreciation in terms of the APR or depreciation in terms of the token price? High APR is something that increases the yield. Basically, the higher APR, the more you earn, right? So, I don’t see how that depreciation but yeah, I mean, I don’t maybe I don’t quite understand the question fully. But the high APR basically will remain the same pretty much until PRV3. Yes.

Can you show on the farms and pools, how much the staked LP or coins are worth in USD? 

L: I think this is something that we can look at, LP value, we can’t look at implementing this. Now, why is this not a priority? I think many of our users also agree that there are a lot of these that may still need some attention from us. So we will be looking at improving things. But before we do any improvements, we will be focusing on fixing any, I wouldn’t say breaking, but like any issues that will hinder users’ ability to farm, or users ability to move their tokens or things like that. So this is something we take into consideration, we will definitely look at how we can implement something like that. Yeah, but just not right now.

Mr. DJ: I think this was also mentioned the previous time–even the dashboard, and how to track referrals and all that. So those are in the pipeline. It’s just that we are focused on more prioritized items at the moment.

Is there any plan for when the PRV3 will start to release? 

L: Yes. Very good question. And we are very excited to announce that, like Mr. DJ said, our DEX is nearing completion way faster than we thought they would. So it will probably be before Christmas. So before that, we will definitely be moving over to PRV3 already. 

Mr. DJ: We will definitely keep the community updated everywhere, on our channels and social media. So, do stay tuned. It’s a matter of confirming it.


Our AMA Session ended with another set of Q&A. We answered all questions that community members asked at the event. We will be releasing the full transcript, which includes all the questions and answers from the AMA, so make sure to stick with us. 

Nevertheless, we continuously seek all your suggestions and ideas on how we can improve our platform. As we finalize our DEX, every idea you will throw to us will be valuable, and We will add everything necessary to our upcoming DEX. 

If you have any idea or you have any questions, you can visit and contact us on our official website below: 

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