PrivacySwap 2.0 Playbook: featuring PrivacyCard

PrivacyCard is coming

We now discovered what NFT is and how we incorporate that with PrivacySwap! For now, we will now explore the fantastic benefits of PrivacyCard. Come join us on the second episode of PrivacySwap 2.0 Playbook: Featuring PrivacyCard. 

PrivacyCard is indeed one of the most notable utilities we offer at PrivacySwap. However, it is more than just being a popular utility within the ecosystem. PrivacyCard possesses real-world benefits and capabilities. Thus making it a strong contender against other existing crypto debit cards. 

PrivacyCard and the problem it solves. 

Non-crypto investors are holding back from investing in cryptocurrency. This is because they see crypto to fiat conversions as time-consuming and tedious, especially during its early days. In addition, cryptocurrencies’ vulnerability to hacking is always present.

Bringing these aspects to mind, we aim to elevate the DeFi experience and its security. Also, we intend to reduce the transaction taxes imposed on cryptocurrency transactions. With that,  we developed PrivacyCard, the solution to such problems.

PrivacyCard is a debit card built under Binance Smart Chain. With the help of web3, we are able to create a wallet where you can manage your digital assets on your PrivacyCard wherever you are.

PrivacyCard Features 

PrivacyCard is the debit card that will change how you utilize your cryptocurrencies. We built PrivacyCard to hold various cryptocurrencies that exist today. From the first announcement, we mentioned that it supports various BEP-20 tokens like BTCB, ETH, and BNB. Later we announced that it also supports other tokens such as USDT, BUSD, USDC, CAKE, XVS, ALPACA, EPS, MDX, AUTO, and MBOX. Aside from these tokens, we are continuously reaching out to the other tokens available in the market to broaden the usage of our PrivacyCard. 

Apart from being able to hold tokens and convert them into cold cash, how can you use a PrivacyCard? 

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Once you own a standard debit card, the possibility is endless. And that is what we want with PrivacyCard. Therefore we programmed PrivacyCard so it can allow you to: 

  • Pay at stores using cryptocurrencies without the need to convert it first. The web3 wallet will help you do the job instantly;
  • Withdraw funds at the supported ATM terminals;
  • Shop online; 
  • Buy and sell NFTs or GameFi tokens;
  • Eligibility to earn an extra reward up to USD 50 as referral fee and more.

Now that you know some of the fantastic ways to use PrivacyCard, you might be wondering,  “how can I get one?”  

We got you.

How to get a PrivacyCard? 

PrivacyCard consists of four flashy and sleek designs; Black Premium, Black Metal, Silver, and Gold Metal. Each card is differentiated by its staking requirements, which we lowered to ensure that more people can buy our powerful PrivacyCard.  

To buy a  Black Premium Card, you need to stake at least 200 USD worth of PRVG. A Black and Silver Metal Card will require you to stake at least 1000 USD worth of PRVG. Lastly, You need to stake at least 2000 USD(in PRVG) to buy a Gold Metal Card. 

Note that the amounts mentioned are for staking. You still need to buy each card at a certain cost.

Moreover, you can get these PrivacyCards through our official website:

Moreover, PrivacSwap will continuously provide updates regarding PrivacyCard; especially since the official launch is coming. In addition, we are fixing all the technicalities. We focus particularly on the  web3 wallet, which will provide convenience and an extra layer of protection to users. Nonetheless, we will be posting such updates on our official websites. 

Come and join us on the next episode of this series entitled PrivacySwap 2.0 Playbook: featuring PRVG and PRV2.

Have you got any questions, suggestions, or recommendations? Let us know; we welcome it! 

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