Price increase, PrivacyCard, and more amazing news by PrivacySwap

Small Price increase is worth the celebrate
Green candles, PrivacyCard, two new tokens, and more announcement from Privacyswap

Price increase, PrivacyCard, and more amazing news by PrivacySwap

From USD 2.31 last August, PrivacySwap reached USD 4.54, with a 24-hour trading volume of USD 254,251 on the first week of September. PrivacySwap has increased by 47.91 percent. The platform’s live market cap is $1,578,792. The current supply is 430,790 PRV, with a maximum supply of 30,000,000 PRV.  In this article, we will look at the green candles in PRV, PrivacyCard’s soon release, and more good news by PrivacySwap. 

Though the price increase is not as impressive as the other tokens’ price increase, the achievement PrivacySwap receives such great news to both the platform and its users- the PRVarmies! 

Along with the bear market last month, the platform experienced a very significant dip, and its users are understandably anxious that the price will continuously dip. However, PRVarmies stay resilient and continuously hodl, believing for a better price shortly. With that, the platform developers continue to do everything they can to revive the token price, and the price never disappoints. 

Though the current price of the PRV is at USD 3.09 (at the moment of writing), it is still great to go back on such outstanding achievement the platform received after the dip. Also, it is fantastic to know the reason behind the price increase in the first week of the month. 

What could be the reason for the price increase? 

Well, PrivacySwap offers fantastic services that the general public is yet to discover. The platform is known as a  privacy-centric DeFi based yield farming platform.   However, they are more than just that. 

First off, the platform offers a yield optimizing service that will maximize your assets to give you a passive income and massive returns. PrivacySwap also recently hosted a giveaway that provides a prize of up to $1000 in celebration of BSC’s first birthday.  In addition, the platform will also release its newest feature-the PrivacyCard. They are also known for their PrivacyMixer, Hack the Vaults, ongoing monthly seminars, and more. The public continuously recognizes the platform with all of these, and the price will skyrocket to the moon soon! 

Furthermore, look at this chart! 

Screenshot from September 10th price, check here for real-time price.

Amazing? We know!

PrivacySwap’s new projects to bring more income and convenience to  investors

PrivacySwap is great for creating new projects and features as they release something new almost every month.  In fact,  the platform will also release its PrivacyCard very soon. It is a debit card that can hold various cryptocurrencies and is usable in real-life transactions. PrivacyCard will accept BEP20 tokens such as BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, BUSD, USDC, CAKE, XVS, ALPACA, EPS, MDX, AUTO, MBOX, and others at launch.

Those who staked PRVG are eligible for the PrivacyCard, and the required stakes are as follows (shown in the USD equivalent of PRVG).

Black Premium Tier: USD 500

Black Metal Tier: USD 7,000 

Silver Metal Tier: USD 12,000

Gold Metal tier: USD 18,000

As part of the great migration, the platform will also release its new tokens, PRVG and PRV2. PRVG is a governance token that allows users to earn more from fams and pools while participating in the decision-making for the platform’s future. Meanwhile, PRV2 is an improved version of their current token (PRV)). PRV2 provides a higher APR. 

The tokenomics are still being finalized, and PrivacySwap will post every update on their official web pages and social media accounts. 

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To wrap it up

Cryptocurrency has shown a strong image regardless of how many times it experiences price dip, and PrivacySwap is not excluded.  However, perseverance and eagerness to give the best DeFi remain PrivacySwap’s utmost vision of every platform.

PrivacySwap continuously innovates and seeks what could be the best way to earn money on the DeFi space. Hence, the market price will skyrocket to the moon.  Moreover, come and join us on our next free DeFi class as we discuss the new updates with our PRV2 and PRVG, plus the upcoming DEX!

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