Cryptocurrency’s growth is unstoppable and PrivacySwap is here to foster it.

PrivacySwap DeX is coming

Cryptocurrency has continuously soared over the past few years, yet you might still wonder whether it is staying long-term or not. To help answer your question, we will break down the cause of crypto’s steady rise. Lastly, we will also discuss how PrivacySwap fosters such growth.  2021 is such a fantastic year for cryptocurrency. It […]

PRViously on Crypto: Canada and Bahrain approves regulation for Binance, Echelon malware used to hack crypto wallets


Binance Received Regulatory Approval From Canada and Bahrain Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has received an MSB license from Canadian regulatory authorities to offer cryptocurrency services as the year draws to a close. The firm also gained in-principle clearance from Bahrain’s central bank on the same day. Glad Tidings for Binance Binance‘s Canadian subsidiary […]

PrivacySwap’s powerful means to crack tax crises in DeFi space

PrivacySwap's powerful means to crack tax crises in DeFi space

Cryptocurrencies’ existence has been a debated topic over the past few years, the point of contention being if it should stay or not. One of the reasons is its costly gas fees and its possible harm to the environment. Thus, PrivacySwap aims to address this with the release of its two new features: DEX and PrivacyCards. The high […]

Crypto price dip: should you buy or not?

crypto price dip: should you buy?

Cryptocurrency is experiencing a significant price drop.  From 65,000 USD all-time high this 2021, bitcoin’s price drops to less than 50,000 USD today. In addition, cryptocurrency ether also drops 1,100 USD at the same time period. Now that most crypto prices dip; should you buy or not?  Key Highlights  Why is crypto’s price dropping? Red […]

What is NFT, and how can YOU earn from it?

what is NFT and how can you use it?

What is NFT, and how can YOU earn from it? As we continuously make PrivacySwap suited for everyone, we  announce our new feature, the NFT staking. With that, it is also worth discussing what NFT is and how you can earn from it.  NFT or non-fungible tokens, are digital tokens that act as an authentication […]

Evolution of the world wide web; why is web3 important?

Evolution of the world wide web; why is web3 important? Among other things, the Internet has also become the home of hackers, so having an extra layer of security is essential. In this article, we will discover the evolution of the world wide web and answer why web3 is important. The Internet has changed so […]

PrivacySwap Roadmap: Look how far we’ve come!

PrivacySwap roadmap

PrivacySwap Roadmap: Look how far we’ve come! Since PrivacySwap began operations, it has been nothing short of a wild ride. Even then, we have just reached halfway to delivering the greatest DeFi platform available. For the time being, let’s focus on the progress we’ve made so far and our goals for the future. Lots of […]