5 ways to Maximize your Crypto Earnings through PRV!

Maximize your Crypto Earnings through PRV, now!

5 simple Strategies to Maximize your Crypto Earnings through PRV

Maximize your crypto earnings through PRV. It is a piece of cake with what PrivacySwap can offer! We are here to give you tips and strategies for you to add to your tab of how to earn more in crypto. We know and we understand that the cryptoverse can be harsh sometimes. But don’t you fret, we are here to help you achieve your goal!

But before we delve into it, you know what’s around the corner? You guessed it!  The Great Migration to PRV 2.0 is about to be launched! So grab your phones, tell your virtual assistants to remind yourselves to get ready for the surprises we have in store for you, and let’s party!

So, are you ready for it?! Lezzgo! Here are the 5 ways that you can maximize your crypto earnings through PRV!

1. PRV Farms or PrivacyFarms

Farms are basically Liquidity Pools. What are Liquidity Pools you ask? Liquidity Pools are simply funds thrown together in a big pile; locked in a smart contract. Liquidity pools are used to facilitate lending, decentralized trading, and a lot more. 

So, how can you maximize your crypto earnings through PRV in PrivacyFarms? As it’s basically a liquidity pool, when you deposit your PRV or other cryptocurrencies available to our Farms, you will become a liquidity provider. In return of providing liquidity, you as a liquidity provider will be entitled to a Return of Investment (ROI). As Liquidity Pools facilitate trades, the Liquidity Providers, you, will be rewarded with a percentage of the transaction fees. 

Easy money, right? You read it right!

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2. We do the heavy lifting in our PrivacyVaults

With our PrivacyVaults, your Liquidity Pool Token can be staked! With this, your rewards, when harvested, will then be converted to the counter token, and more LPs are formed by the smart contract using those rewards. And then, they are compounded, increasing your Annual Percentage Yield! Amazing right? That is right!

3. Feeling lucky? We got Hack the Vaults for you try!

Using your PRV, you can play and earn with our Hack the Vaults game. All you have to do is to participate each round by buying a key and once you where one of the last three people who purchased the correct key, the treasures in the vault will be yours!

Find the Key, Hack the Vaults!

Furthermore, in August 13, in Hack the Vault’s official launch, the vault was hacked with a whopping $2790.44 USD worth of PRV in it! That could be yours! Want to maximize your crypto earnings through PRV? This could be it!

4. Refer and earn!

Passive income you ask? Maximize your Crypto Earnings through PRV rewards from PrivacySwap’s Referral System. It works in wonders! When you bring your buddy aboard the trip to the moon, 1% of your buddy’s harvest will be gained by you!

So what are you waiting for? Invite, refer, and earn now!

5. Buying the dip!

Every smart trader knows that a market correction is an opportunity to buy, and it’s no secret that buying the dip is always the best move when you are a long term hodler. Want to maximize your crypto earning through PRV? You simply buy every opportunity that it goes into a market correction like every other token does. 

Moreover, there’s nothing to worry about market crashes! In fact, some traders are thankful that there are these fluctuations in market prices that happens, it is because when you bought at a high price and there’s a market correction, you can lower your mean buying price by buying it in a much lesser value.

With this, it’s only a matter of time before the market can jump back and you have the profit to reflect that it really was a right decision.

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Maximize your crypto earnings through PRV now! We don’t keep it a secret, and its all for your to try. Happy earning!