4 things PrivacySwap accomplished during the great migration: November roundup

November is done! And while it has been a roller coaster ride for PrivacySwap, we are genuinely grateful that both the project and the community have held on and now continue to push forward. Before we step into the final month of the year, we look back at the  4 key things that happened during the great migration. 

Key Highlights:

  • Conducted AMA with BSCNews
  • Launched PrivacySwap 2.0 farms and the two new tokens. 
  • Launched the limited edition, first-generation Genesis NFTs. 
  • Kickstarted DEX and PrivacyCard.

We decided to defer the Great Migration for one week to strengthen its smart contracts. However, we still successfully executed everything.

In this article, we will look back on what happened this November and what you can expect from PrivacySwap this December until early 2022.

1: BSCNews AMA with PrivacySwap

We always aim to share PrivacySwap’s great news through aggressive marketing and collaborations. Aside from our weekly AMA, we also had a separate AMA with one of the prestigious blogsites available in the market today, BSCNews. 

With this AMA, we covered what we have experienced ever since our initial launch. PRV Admin “L” also answered all questions related to the platform and the Great Migration.

“We kept building not only because it is our passion, but one of the main reasons is that we are always answerable to our community. At no point were we ever going to say, “Hey, let’s just stop.”. We wouldn’t do that and let our community down. We haven’t released our HackerNet; we haven’t released governance; we haven’t even gone into our next step – building our DEX.

Determination and the absolution of not giving up. We need to keep going, so we did.

L- PrivacySwap

If you want to read the full transcript of our AMA with BSCNews, you can read it here

Aside from this AMA, we also held our own AMA that we broadcast on our social media sites. We covered every detail of our Great Migration. In the first episode of our Great Migration AMA, we covered the launch of our PrivacyCard along with the two new tokens. We then discussed the price pegging on the second Great Migration AMA. in the third episode, we explained the guide to PRV presale and swapping.

Moreover, we announced the first phase of swapping on the fourth episode. Lastly, on the fifth and sixth episodes, we discussed the second phase of swapping and the launch of our native farms and pools that guarantees up to 70,000% APR, respectively.

2: PRV2, PRVG, and Native farms are now live

After announcing the second phase of swapping, we immediately launched our high APR farms and pools. In addition, everyone can now use their PRVG and PRV2 tokens to stake in these farms and pools. 

Screenshots of our farms and pools taken from one of our AMAs

Just to refresh everyone’s mind, PRVG remains our governance token which you can also use to stake and buy our PrivacyCards. PRV2 is still our utility token that you can use to farm on our farms and pools. 

Furthermore, we also just wanted to thank everyone who participated in our BUSD presale. We were able to sell every (pre)token that we had in just 5 minutes. Thank you, everyone! You are amazing! 

3: Genesis NFTs

During this period, we also had our NFT sale. There are lots of things that changed with our NFTs. So to keep you on the same page, here are the updates. 

Firstly, we lowered the price of each NFT tier. A Privacy Silver NFT will now only cost 0.18 BNB. Compared to the previous announcement, a Privacy Gold NFT now only cost 0.38 BNB. Lastly, we also lowered the Privacy Diamond NFT price to 0.8 BNB. 

These NFTs are still limited to 1500 NFTs in total(500 each tier). However, it still possessed the same “extra APR” reward. Thus, Silver NFT can boost your APR up to 10%; a gold one can boost your APR up to 20%. Last but not least, the Privacy Diamond NFT can still boost your APR to 50%. 

Moreover, this first batch of NFT will give holders extra benefits from the platform. If you hold one of these NFTs, you can experience our exclusive airdrops, be included on our whitelist, and more. 

4: The upcoming DEX and PrivacyCard 

We also announced on our AMA that our DEX will now come to life hopefully before Christmas. We are finalizing everything necessary, so we can finally launch our DEX. So, stay tuned. 

Moreover, the PrivacyCard will also come to life. Several things changed with PrivacyCard, including its staking requirements. We drastically lowered our staking requirements to allow more users to have one. A Black premium card will only require you to stake at least 200 USD worth of PRVG.  Now, you only need to stake at least 1000 USD worth of  PRVG before you can buy  Black Metal or Silver Metal card. Lastly, you can now purchase a Gold Metal card once you staked 2000 USD worth of PRVG.

PrivacyCard has been delayed multiple times, and we apologize for that. We always wanted to ensure that the debit cards would run as seamlessly as possible without compromising security. Therefore, we have no option but to defer it to ensure its flawlessness once released. 

Nevertheless, we will update you with the release date of both the DEX and PrivacyCard. 

Further down the roadmap 

We never run out of ideas, and we still have many things to release this coming 2022. This includes the CEX listing we are pursuing, the release of our hackernet marketplace, and more. Nonetheless, we are always more than grateful to announce everything once we properly examine and test everything technical. So, always make sure to check our official websites and watch our future webinars to keep updated. 

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