4 Great reasons why you should invest in PrivacySwap now

4 Great reasons why you should invest in PrivacySwap now

PrivacySwap will soon remove PRV from circulation for good, but now is still the best time to invest in PRV. Let us discover the 4 great reasons why!

The trend of cryptocurrency gave ideas to the developers to build something that people can use to earn.  PrivacySwap is one of these fantastic creations people use today. Like any yield farming ecosystem, PrivacySwap has had a rollercoaster experience since its existence. But while other similar projects simply crash and burn, PrivacySwap rallies on through the team’s constant and swift innovations. This season is one of those movements. That is, the team is upgrading its tokens along with its platform. Still, how can you take benefit of PrivacySwap along with its token now so you can be incentivized with the platform’s upgrade? Here’s how: 

PrivacySwap PRV’s price and eligibility to have new tokens early. 

You can benefit from PRV now by purchasing it now since the price is still low. The price of PRV has been going up and down during the past few months and even experienced a great dip along with other cryptocurrencies in the market. However, PRVarmies continuously hodl for a better market price, and PRV does not disappoint. PRV surged from 2 USD to 8.7 USD last week.  With that,  PRVarmies from the Telegram community saw hope and continuously hoped to have another price hike soon. 

In addition, buying PRV will give you eligibility to have their new tokens earlier than the general public.  The platform will soon launch its new tokens this coming November. PRV holders can swap their PRVs with their new tokens, PRVG and PRV2 at an aspect ratio.  The price of the new tokens will be pegged on  October 25th and will depend on PRV’s price that day.

PrivacySwap exciting features 

PrivacySwap serves one of the best features in the market, one of which is  PrivacyVault. PrivacyVaults rely on the Yield Optimization principle, which uses an auto compounding mechanism to optimize yield. As a result, the vaults are designed to maximize earnings.

We’re also adding higher-risk, higher-yielding vaults.   

Using their two new tokens together with their PrivacyVault, no doubt that you can earn huge amount of money from PrivacySwap’s feature. Aside from that, they also offer a game called hack the vaults.  They will also launch their long-awaited PrivacyCard which is also one of the reasons why you should invest in PrivacySwap now.

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PrivacyCard is PrivacySwap’s debit card that accepts cryptocurrencies. This approach aims to minimize cryptocurrency to fiat transactions. If you find converting cryptocurrency to real money, PrivacyCard is the card for you. This debit card is usable all over the world and it can be used to purchase goods services be it online and offline. 

In addition, PrivacyCard only requires low staking requirements (as low as 500 USD). The card can also give you rewards such as a 10 USD initial deposit reward. It also gives you referral rewards of up to 50 USD.  

Great Migration

Last but not the least, you can benefit from investing in PrivacySwap early with their great migration.  The platform will bring all these new tokens and PrivacyCard on their great migration. This platform upgrade guarantees higher earnings and a better farming experience. Want to hear more updates about the AMA? You can watch all the necessary updates on their recent AMA or click it here


PrivacySwap had been challenged by the market in the past few months but the project has never given up. Instead, they used the dip they experienced to provide something that will not just resolve the problem but will also offer something that will boost earning experience with them. 

With all these 4 amazing reasons and all the plans the team has laid down on their roadmap, Privacyswap will be a thriving avenue for your financial freedom.

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